Corporate Profile:

Established 2006, Dioz Group is a global leader in manufacturing, apparel and accessories with an expanding portfolio of dynamic brands and start-ups.

We design, manufacture and market products across a wide variety of growing divisions through successful acquisitions of flourishing global brands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a diverse range of successful partnerships through transparency, honesty and integrity. The Dioz Group strives to leave a positive global, economical and environmental footprint. It is our priority to ensure the complete satisfaction of our consumers and partners.


Dioz strategy is simply based on the organic growth of our brands: to expand these brands into new markets, reinforce their presence in mature markets and develop their distribution and market share.

Acquisitions of small to medium size brands with promising expansion prospects which, meeting strict criteria, will strengthen and complement the brand portfolio.


We propel our brands to lead with new business models that contribute to a better world economically, socially and ecologically. We strive for more sustainable technologies to transform our business and our product. We will continue our collaborations and partnerships to include brands, suppliers and NGOs that share our sustainability vision. We will continue to research new methods of expanding longevity of our product, minimizing the impact on the environment and making a more sustainable product for our consumers.


The Dioz family now extends to over 2000 individuals involved in all areas of business, from logistics, graphics, IT to manufacturing. With head operations based in Los Angeles, California, Dioz Group brands are now consumed in over 50 countries worldwide.